Qvalitetstid – Couples (English)

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Quality time - qvalitetstid - quiz time for couples - samtalespil
Qvalitetstid – Couples (English)

289,00 kr.

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With this quiz game for couples from Qvalitetstid (Qvality Time), you can play a quiz game developed to create more presence and positive contact. The game consists of 200 cards with a total of 8 categories: The deep ones, The intimate ones, The quirky ones, The Cosy ones, Ahead of time, The here and now, About the past, About the future and About the children.

This quiz game does not require that you feel bad together, but it is for those of you who want to get to know each other better and create a closer relationship.

The game was developed by couples therapist Anna Østergaard and designed in collaboration with game designer Jake Inlove.

The game is produced in Denmark and has the Swan label.

Game rules: The rules are simple, before the game starts you agree how many cards you want to play. (Ex. 3 or 10 cards, depending on the length of the game)

Step 1: Whoever has a birthday next starts by reading out a question about themselves.

Step 2: Your partner must then answer this question to the best of their ability.

Step 3: If the announcer thinks that the question has been answered correctly, your partner wins this card. If not answered correctly, place the card in a neutral pile.

Step 4: Now it’s the next person to pick up a question, you keep going like this until the agreed number of cards has been obtained and a winner has been found.

Remember! Since the cards/points are given based on personal assessment, you are encouraged to play fair. You can also refrain from playing for a number of cards, but simply use the cards to get the good conversation going.